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Limited Warranty

$5,000.00 / 3 YEAR MOLD WARRANTY

September 17, 2014
We have completed a remediation of visible microbial contamination at:
5402 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97218

The purpose of this $5,000.00 Mold Warranty is to provide peace of mind
and value to our clients.

As of the above date, this property has been included in our Annual Mold Protocol Program. (AMP Program)- which includes but is not limited to (3) annual follow up mold inspections at no charge to the client.

If, at any time within three (3) years from the above date, microbial growth returns in previously treated areas, Real Estate Mold Solutions will, at no charge to client, return and re-treat accessible affected areas with a chemical fungicide. This warranty is limited to treatment only. Real Estate Mold Solutions will also re-inspect the previously treated area to determine the new cause of microbial growth, and provide a written analysis to the clients.

It shall be the owner’s responsibility to provide access to previously affected areas each year for the 3 year inspection period.

This warranty does not protect from acts of God such as storm damage, repairs performed by any party other than ourselves or our representatives, acts of vandalism or damage by animals, or misinformation in disclosure of current leaks provided to us. This warranty does not cover any other possible cost(s) associated with this remediation. The total cost of treatment not to exceed $5,000.00.

This warranty will become null and void for the following reasons:

  • 1) In the event that any modifications occur to the treated areas, whether intentional or unintentional without the expressed written consent of Real Estate Mold Solutions.
  • 2) A new source of moisture is observed in and around affected areas that could compromise the completed work.


CCB#149575 / WA #REALEER942QM
MICRO Membership: CMI #06-2092; CMRC #06-2076