Do It Yourself
Treat surface Mold like dirt!

Mold issues that go beyond surface mold; attics, crawl space, venting, fan, etc. may require professional services that we provide. Did you know that 95% of mold issues that we deal with are directly related to bathroom fans and ventilation? INSPECTIONS ARE FREE! Call us and we can give you an evaluation of all the venting issues on your property.

Is all Mold bad? Certainly not! Consider Penicillin or Blue Cheese. Mold can be good or bad, and doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. "Don’t believe everything you hear!" It is usually something simple and easy for Real Estate Mold Solutions to fix.

Mold can grow in 24-48 hours! All it needs to grow is moisture and humidity over 60%. If you do have surface Mold on the interior walls, windows, etc., you need to correct the cause of the Mold. The best way to remove surface Mold is to use most any household cleaner and water. Here are simple things you can do to reduce the possibility of Mold growth:

  • Always turn on bathroom fans when showering.
  • Always turn on range fans when cooking.
  • Keep all furniture at least 3” away from walls.
  • Turn on ceiling fans to promote air circulation.
  • Open windows for air flow, especially when there are no fans available.
  • Install an inexpensive hygrometer which measures the humidity to allow you to monitor and keep the area under 60% humidity.
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